Brown Eyes – Black Eyes

Brown Eyes – Black Eyes:

All Downes Syndrome children have brown eyes?

I have noticed that some blacks, or coloured Downes Syndromes, whichever you prefer, have equivalent black eyes.

With their skin artificially coloured white they are dangerous to extreme, because in fact they are Downes Syndromes, but hidden in plain view. Remove the whitening, and it’s obvious. Not so with it on, and they can be very cunning. Cunning enough to appear normal, but stupid enough to be very dangerous to extreme in secret.

Normally illiterate, but even if they can read, they can’t understand, so they make it up to further themselves. Cunning. Give such a one power over another and you get gleeful bullying to the very limit. They have not the sense to stop.

And they are always getting married. It is all they ever say. Of course they’re not, but they all say it, without exception.

Anyone recall any recent Kings (The Beast) with very dark, even black eyes. Just a thought.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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