Ex Soldiers Who Seek Employment. Forget It.

Ex Soldiers Who Seek Employment. Forget It:

Ex soldiers who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any muslim nation who seek to be employed on civi street can forget it now. The employers are nearly all muslims, who have acquired their businesses (Our businesses, including mine) using arab oil money sent from those nations. They will get jobs, and then be told they’re no use. Time and again, until their spirit breaks. Deliberate muslim policy.
Do not underestimate the cunning of the arab so-called holy book, or the people who believe in it.
This applies now in every Christian nation. They are killing us.
I notice a man I follow on WordPress for example, who was a leader of reserve armed forces in Australia, (Like our Territorial Army Reserves) has been given the run around employment wise in Australia. It has only been brought to my attention by the plight of ex soldiers here in the U.K.
Rather obvious once you know all the motives of the parties involved. (My job to know, and I missed it until now. Grrrrr.)
America France Germany and everywhere else, this applies to you.
Your leaders have let you down, badly, by selling, literally, multi cultural societies.
As George Orwell said, almost, “All people are equal. Only muslims are more equal than others”. (Animal Farm))

No muslim is the equal of any Christian, in any way. They just cheat at everything they do.


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