Was Muhammad Paranoid?

Was Muhammad Paranoid?:

Obviously yes.

When he found the dead sea scrolls, he thought he’d met God.

In which case the entire muslim race is paranoid.

Millions of men and women over centuries have believed, or still believe, that they are Christ.

Psychiatrists should therefore, treat muslims as paranoids. Be warned though for each and every one of them is a psychotic killer also.

Psychiatrists should be beginning to learn that they themselves are also paranoids in their own Freudian beliefs.

Following recent events and troubles on earth are there any Christians or Jews who doubt any of this now? I should think none of you doubt any of it my friends.

My (Our) God is great. My friend Christ is great. The Holy spirit is great. I was just telling my great friend Saint Peter today

P.S. losing the use of my usb headphones ruined my recording of ‘Amazing Grace’, and I will have to remix it.


About Gdicm

Gordon Davidson, I Care Music. (Gdicm) At present I am disabled. I have met Christ, and Saint Peter, and others and have been given a job to do by them. Party political democracy will never be a success for decent people anywhere. It empowers criminals, whose votes politicians need, and gives those criminals powers they should never have. It has brought transgressors to the forefront of every society. It could do nothing else if their votes are needed. Law and order is Bible preached self discipline, which no longer exists in the average person. For example: Would Gays or Lesbians be legal if politicians did not require their votes? No. Would it harm them to not be Gay? No. Only a single compulsory Christian Church can bring about fair equality. Let me build a proper religion, starting around Elgin Cathedral, Morayshire Scotland. Let democracy be done by the Church using God's laws as the guide. Gdicm music is on various streaming services.
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