How They Are Replacing People With Their Own

How They Are Replacing White People With Their Own Blacks:

During World War II the Nazi’s did a great many experiments in reading thoughts from the brain. Someone has succeeded.

What they are doing is putting chips in people like dog chips. The chips gather thoughts, expressions, mannerisms, knowledge of people, friends and acquaintances, family Etc. I know Health centres and hospitals do this. Fact.

Then when they have enough data, and a suitable replacement, they kill the original, person. Christian mostly, and remove the chip, or chips even, and put them in the black jungle bunny.

I wonder what would happen if they were removed from the replacement? Would they largely revert to being ignorant bunnys?

I suspect though that several have been brought in from advanced nations recently. Maybe in fear of just this. Black Americans to disprove the theory, because they realised I was on to them? Though the chips alone will prove that Nazi Doctor Mengele was more successful that people thought.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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