Theory on Fracking

Theory on Fracking:

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn included oil producing nations in the middle east in a comment about fracking in Britain. I don’t think he realised it, but he might have hit the nail frack on the head.

Where oil or gas have been extracted there is no, or little, vegetation. And not just in the middle east. (In the seas also)

From Geo Help Oil history.

450BC – Herodotus described oil pits near Babylon

325BC – Alexander the Great used flaming torches of petroleum products to scare his enemies

c100AD – Plutarch described oil bubbling from the ground near Kirkuk in present day Iraq

347AD – Chinese reported to have drilled holes in ground using bamboo to extract oil

8th Century AD – Baku people used ground impregnated with oil for heating because of absence of wood

But which came first?

Mr Corbyn’s reference was to contaminated water.


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