The Truth About School Types

The Truth About School Types:

Grammar Schools: Jim Naughty, now with the BBC,  and I, attended a Grammar school.

A grammar school is always to be found in an industrial area, because although it does cover academic subjects, those subjects are only given to an elite few. The others are more likely to get woodwork, metal work, domestic sciences like sewing, cooking, knitting and so on. In a town such as Keith, which had two big woollen mills at the time I went to school, it was not so wrong. They needed girls who could darn, and boys who could weave, and none who would dream of going off to University.

Academies: People are currently sending their children miles every day to attend academies instead of their local comprehensive or Grammar schools. The skies the limit for a pupil with an academy education. However can industry survive in a world of academics only?

Comprehensive Schools: Mean just what the name implies. It is said they require more teachers than other schools, because they cover more subjects. That does not mean all the pupils will get all the subjects. (Do comprehensive schools still exist by definition or name?)

Ethnic Schools: These schools teach the cultures of other nations, to children who don’t want to learn about, or even be in, our nation/s. Or maybe they do, but are forcibly being taught otherwise by others who don’t want to be here, which is the way I see it. Make those schools illegal? I would.

I also attended Turriff Academy, Aberdeenshire, briefly. Ardmiddle, (Five Years) then Turriff (Two Years) primaries, and then the academy for a few weeks. Then Keith Grammar. (KGS) One thing I notice, is the number of people who went on to become things like doctors, were higher at Turriff.

Which subjects did Jim Naughty get? Interesting that. Would he be head of the BBC now if he’d attended an academy? It would have made a difference, though he might not agree. Anyway; how many chiefs does the BBC require?

Also: Is my grammar positively the worst ever?


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