Soccer — Football – – Yuck

Soccer — Football – – Yuck:

I’ve watched three or four games in the past few days.

One of the things I’ve noticed is black players want to shoot at goal without a thought for passing the ball to a team mate. They want their faces on TV scoring a sensational goal from nothing. Their teams would win if not for this. Instead the others do all the work and watch their work going past the posts time and time again. Wasted efforts.

Typical of their race. Take take take, and never give.

Alex Ferguson used to watch such a player, and while the crowd were still cheering and exclaiming how close it was to a goal, he’d substitute them, and put them on the transfer list by the end of the week. I’d do the same. Ask him.

If they want to play for their own glory they don’t get a game. You cannot win many games that way. They’re not worth tuppence to the rest of the team. Or the club. Or winning. I watched Wayne Rooney tonight, and he was the only team player in the English side. Willing to provide for others in front of goal.

I blame the way the game is sold in the worldwide media. Players want to be shown over and over again in replays scoring a wonder goal. The way they (blacks) look as if they expected to score, and the pure dismay when they are a mile off, says it all.

Glory boys. For every goal they score, an unselfish team will score twenty. Boot them out of football.


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