Immigrants, The E.U., And Myself

Immigrants, The E.U., And Myself:

Okay immigrants exist. It is not the numbers that create problems, it is ignorant religions. Stupid cultures.

However: Perhaps Europe should continue to handle them thus?

Nations should sponsor them individually or as families they are willing to accept after they accept them? Or E.U. workers will be affected too much.

Firstly: Collectively in the camps according to total numbers. Food, drink, shelter and schooling only. Plus administration costs Etc. to the sheltering nation/s. Then they should be vetted by the country they are in before being allocated to a nation by the people who vet them, properly, to cause havoc elsewhere, including here, but never mind that at present. The money, based on the total number while they are in the camps, spread across every nation. Then: The money for the accepted groups of families or individuals from the accepting nations according to the minimum living allowance and shelter. (That is more than I get, having been seriously disabled by their advance invaders, who assaulted me) (No minimum wage until they work for it)

And so: Nations, mostly E.U. pay collectively until they are allocated a home nation. Thereafter that nation picks up the tab, and hopefully willing labourers.

“Neither staying at home, he who heaps unto himself all manner of people (Cultures) and nations and tongues, (languages), Etc.” Bible, concerning Muhammad.

The Alternative: Secure areas in their own land/s, return them to it,  and feed them there, until they become as Jews through Christ’s name. Christians like the rest of us have to.

Note: After reading this again I realise the enormity of the problem European nations are now facing. Have we really got the right to wash our hands of it, and leave them to clear up the mess?

I am therefore voting to remain in Europe. Also: To protect the rights of E.U. workers here. Etc. Not to mention preventing another Scottish independence referendum.


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