Euro Football. Italy Cheating, As Usual

Euro Football. Italy Cheating, As Usual:

It’s years since I watched football, but one thing I have noticed is, Italy are still cheating. I remember watching them years ago, and I think East Germany were even around then, and every Italian was booked for a single cynical foul which prevented a certain goal against them in one game. Including the goal keeper and two substitutes probably. They are good at substituting a cynical fouler and replacing him with another to prevent red cards. *Note that.

They foul as a last means of defence on a predetermined rota. Probably given by the manager before the game, and never get a red.

*Therefore: I suggest, in order to prevent them cheating their way to yet another final, or even a semi final, a new rule should be put in place which means a second yellow card for a cynical foul by another member of the same team means a red card for the second offender. Obviously the same for a third Etc.

That is if you don’t want a war. You might not think this important, but if they find their way into another final, and even win it by obviously cheating, you will change your minds.


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