Saving The Souls Of Gays Is Wrong?

Saving The Souls Of Gays Is Wrong?:

We must try. There are many people who tell me that attempting to save their souls is a waste of time. “Let them fry.” is the usual response. “They’re not worth the effort.”

Saving the souls of poofs is not my primary objective, but it’s all one easy fix.

A single Christian Church would grind out God’s laws, and replace the daft laws of governments with them, as it should be. Government laws caused by the need to get votes from criminals. Poofs, for one example, are very, very, very selfish people. If indeed they are still people any more, and not animals.

“Transgressors are come to the full.” Bible. The end is nigh.

I have God on my side. All the time.


“They shall raise up an image to the beast, and to him will be given a mouth speaking great things (Daft things) .”

Does anyone fit the bill better than Professor Stephen Hawkins at present. He’s daft enough. It is true that Lucifer MUST have space travel if he is to get into the heavens again and depose God from his throne as the Bible says he would like to do. The heavens are none of your business Mister Hawkins. Stay out of them or God will send you in the other direction. I.e the lake of fire and brimstone for ever and ever. You are mentally ill enough to think it’s impossible?

Are you another version of Elton John? I notice your ‘voice’ is a Cubase recording, and you have both chosen to contradict every law in the Bible between you.

General Note: My writings are never my own views. Merely texts taken from the Bible. E.g. God does forbid space travelling. God does forbid Poofs. God does forbid promoting anti Christian values. The beast will be like the daft professor.


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