Oh Dear: I Saw A Guitar Today, But – – –

Oh Dear: I Saw A Guitar Today, But – – -:

I had to throw out ‘Toy Guitar’. It’s the one you can hear on several of my recent recordings. (£35 new, with garden tying wires replacing the strings, which I obviously had to replace again. The muslim who sold it to me in Nickel and Dime, Elgin, thought it was funny. I should not have mentioned I was looking for one.) String No. 6. could not be played along the warped fret board, so was not usable, and the other night string No. 5. snapped of it’s own accord. Just hanging on the wall. Sharp edges on the head nuts.

However today in Inverness I saw a used guitar, £25, but I could never have carried it home. Even if I could have afforded it. I’m on sickness pension only. To and from the bus. That would be beyond me now. Carrier bags hanging at arms length are now my limit.

I’m reminded of times I’ve gone to buy things elsewhere and found every shop has removed what I’m looking for from their muslim shelves, and left only expensive goods in their places. It happens to you also.

Never underestimate their evil, or organisation. And: Remember FREE MASONS are quran based.

Note: This post has dotted nearly  all the i’s in most of my categories. Impressive ,


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