The Chilcot Report

The Chilcot Report:

When a nation is flooded by ten’s of thousands of immigrants now, Iraq is behind it. Not the gulf wars, but their part in the promotion of Islam and the Quran, going back centuries.

Chaldea (Kuwait) and Baghdad have long been the driving force attempting to overthrow God, Christ, and in particular Jews.

Even if some Iraqi’s don’t realise this.

Tony Blair did no wrong. George W. Bush did no wrong. The weapons of mass destruction are the Muslims themselves. Muslims driven and misled by the Quran into trying to destroy all none Muslims. For example your Doctors. Your N.H.S. staff. Your police. Your Teachers. You name it they’re in it, and all working to an end, by following the Koran doctrine. Your end.

Only compulsory change of religion can end all this nonsense. There is no other way, and it can only be done initially in the nations they, Muslims, invade by migration. Perhaps our interference in Kosovo was a war we should not have got into?


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