America – I Need You To Check Something

America – I Need You To Check Something:

A ‘ ‘ ‘ White ‘ ‘ ‘ policeman shot a black man? One of several such shootings lately. I need you to check, with ultra violet light, if those ‘white’ policemen are really white, and not muslims colouring themselves white.

This is the kind of thing they do for Muhammad. If a camera is on site they’ll like that all the better, they’ll hype up the venim, because it will stir up the racial hate they need to divide and conquer. If they are white niggers, they will be supported by millions more the same. Do not try finding this out alone, because they will kill to cover this up, and they are everywhere.

Millions of them in Europe, including the U.K., and I suspect also in America. They have an objective, which is to take total control of planet earth, and kill everyone else. They will be in the police, F.B.I. CI.A, you name it they are there.

‘Such Is Life’ – as we know it for now.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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