Mosul, Iraq

Mosul, Iraq:

I was suspicious before, but now my suspicions are on high alert. The Iraq army are determined that only they will enter Mosul. There is something there to hide obviously. The way they are diverting others away from it is suspicious enough in itself. Protecting it even.

It’s a long story, and it began in the Holy Bible. For example Jeremiah. “When the waters roar the sound of their voice is heard all over the planet.”

The Mosul Dam? None muslims are forbidden near it and Mosul, as much as from mecca. If the Iraq army, of muslims, enter Mosul will they be prepared to hide, and use themselves, whatever is there, just the same?


Whatever, or wherever it is, we can be sure Kuwait is part of it. We can be sure now also that any foreigners who have been there are muslims as well. Including white niggers from other nations. I’d like it kept intact.


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