High Speed Battery Charging

High Speed Battery Charging:

We all know that they said high speed broadband was impossible, until some people made it possible, and so many other things as well. They say that the biggest hindrance to electric power powering everything from cars to ships, and even planes, is batteries require to be charged too often, or be too big to lug around, and take too long to power up. Unless they are huge batteries, but they won’t have to be huge if they can be charged in seconds. This was my idea with these electric motors. Computers refining the various movements and power supplies to perfection to utilise power and electrics to perfect waste free movement and storage, as opposed to just sticking a couple of car jump leads on a couple of terminals and waiting hours for power, which is all you do really when charging your phone for example. Primitive stuff.

Okay: I say go to it. Like everything else it will be people outside of the battery manufacturing industry who will come up with the answer.

Talking About Industries: I signed up with the government for eighteen months broadband. First year free, and the last six months at an agreed rate. Today I received an official letter telling me that “Unfortunately, as costs are rising, for the last seven months prices are to increase.”

Guess what? Those costs will retrieve for them, the government, your government, exactly what they gave us free for the first eleven months. Scum. Go crawl back into the hole you climbed out of. (Would not have added up with just the six months either you understand) And as ever, we must abide by the contract, but they need not.

The following small print is for them only:

F*ck off.

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