muslims Manipulating In America As Usual

muslims Manipulating In America As Usual:

The muslim arab way of islam, is the most manipulative organisation on this planet. I see they are trying to decide the U.S. election to further their evil ways. They do exactly the same here. For years our local hospital board (Dr. Grays, Hospital, Elgin) was headed by a local Butcher. White as snow? No. black as coal when he’s washed, and I’ve seen him that way.

I was privy to many decisions being made concerning the hiring of doctors and nurses years ago. You can be sure, though I only know the full extent of the problem from hindsight, that he, and others of his muslim ilk, only hired muslims for the purpose of killing us. You can be equally certain that their only training is in killing Jews and Christians with a big smile on their faces. Black or whitened.

I recall one such conversation, which he was not part of. A temporary nurse was required to cover for sickness and holidays on a ward, which more or less meant full time. If not actually full time. Several senior nurses and the hospital unit boss. A male nurse. Equivalent of a matron in the old days. Were trying to decide who to employ. Many names were mentioned by the Christian girls and boys, but something was said against them all. Tut Tut Tut. All ’til the muslims mentioned Wee Meggie. Who got the post.

Needless to say the decision was manipulated by the black, but whitened, ‘Wee Meggie’s’ muslim pals, until the others had no option, not knowing what was being done, but employ her.

Note: Concerning the U.S. elections. I’m not American.


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