Another Guitar In The Bin

Another Guitar In The Bin:

I purchased another second hand guitar from a charity shop in Elgin, and binned it. I was robbed. It would not stay in tune. Even for minutes. Also, it was not accurate along the fret board. Far from it in fact. For example: Fifth fret fourth string should be G again. Not on that guitar. It was nearer A flat, and you try playing that with the accuracy of a sequencer or other instruments, and it won’t work. The frets, obviously,  were improperly spaced.

The company has the nerve to offer music lessons as well. God knows what your children could learn from them. I warn you professional musicians that if you advertise rubbish like this, designed to be unusable, whilst you and the makers laugh all the way to the bank, you will all pay eventually, with your souls.

The guitar was a Hohner Concerta Acoustic. Toy perhaps, but not sold as such, but a fraud definitely. You would end up committing suicide if you bought something like this. Thinking you were at fault. I’ve had a great many guitars in my life*, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Binned already. As they might say in America.

Note* The Government took all that part of my early life away with false accusations, and have shown no remorse. Now they intend to poison you all by Fracking. Scotch whisky is already poisoned by the test bores. There is no margin for error in Britain, because it is too narrow. An area twice the size of the Britain was already poisoned in the U.S., but it’s bigger.


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