There Are Millions Like Him In Europe. All

There Are Millions Like Him In Europe. All:

I have been dealing with them for decades, and they are all of the opinion that the koran is correct in saying muslims must kill everyone else, until only they exist. Now grow up and face the reality. They are killing you behind the scenes according to the teachings of their false prophet. It is their religion. Like in the muslim run NHS. When you meet a muslim on the street, do you really believe they accept Christianity? I hear them openly discussing taking us over every day.


Britain is a Christian nation. Always has been and always will be. As it must be. No muslim should be allowed to express an opinion based on the koran. Not even in private or even in their mosques or just between themselves. If they want to remain here or in Europe, they must become as Jews through the name of my friend Christ (ianity) or go away.

And for Christ’s sake burn that damned book and ban the mentioning of the blasphemous name Muhammad entirely. Our weak governments are at fault.


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