God’s Music

God’s Music:

I was trying to explain to Esther on Facebook why most music is totally destructive, and not acceptable. The devils music.

This is the story as taught to me by God.

“You shall sing only praise to God.” Holy Bible.


He told me: Take any song performed by a homosexual just as an example. Played in public it justifies homosexuality, and destroys God’s rule. It breaks down society for some people totally, and condemns them to being second or third class citizens instead of moral leaders. (The example I gave Esther was a song by the band ‘Queen’, which was not even on the subject, and often played on the devil’s radio stations)

The same applies to drug using, (I don’t think there is a rap song that does not advertise drug use. I’m not sure, because I don’t listen, even if it’s played around me. Though the few bits I’ve suffered all included it)  drug dealing, drunkenness, cross dressing, law breaking, false religions, and the list is long.

Songs of praise to God do the opposite. They encourage the keeping of laws. The good is for humanity. Not for God. The songs are better also, and can be added to all the time.


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