Theresa May And I

Theresa May And I: (The Reason Why)

Theresa May wants to change the way government officials (Won’t issue me with a passport) police, (Picked me up nearly every Sunday morning for years, and I’ve never broken the law in my life. It’s a long story) and the N.H.S. Trying to find out why “I did it?” Turned out, after 30 odd years, it wasn’t me, (As if I would) but no-one ever asked me ’til year 2000. Resolved the problem in under ten minutes) Etc. treat people like myself.

Theresa May. You are going to announce in parliament that “the U.K. is going to be a single Christian Church nation from now on”, (Simple as that) and thereby pass all the administration and rule making to the Single Church itself, aren’t you?  Just one single sentence, and you can bring God’s kingdom to earth. Or you should not have become a King. Isaiah 24:21-22 you could spend a long time in a dungeon yourself if you don’t. Like was done to me by the devil’s U.K. government.

Couldn’t happen with the interaction of a Community based single Church. Now could it Theresa?

No one confronted me until the year 2000. After 30 years. They thought they knew.

The Reason Why


I’ve never loved

I never could

My mother

My brothers

My sisters said

I never would

It came too late the reason why

And no one understood


I have lived

So full of hope

My humour got me by

They never laughed

It came to light

The reason

Too late the reason why

And they all thought they knew


The world stole my dreams

The government

Took it’s toll

The police drove the nails in

To crucify my soul

Too late the reason why

And no one understood

Up on Sound Cloud 29.08.2016

© Gdicm 29/08/16


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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