Brexit Is Brexit

Brexit Is Brexit:

(Sir (Yuck)) or better, plain Malcolm Rifkind said the other day “There is neither Jew nor  Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male or female, for you are all one in Christ.” (Equality we need from a single Church. All as Jews in Christ)

Or some Brexit talk of exactly the same type. I think he meant, and said, you can’t be a remain thinker now, or be out of the U.K. kingdom now either, even if you think you can? He listed some of those who must realise this now.

First was Galatians 3:28 Word for word on a better subject, but exactly the same. It’s a perfect description of Yeshua Christ’s kingdom, and where it will be derived from, when it comes. Also a good indication of nations and people who will be left out. (I have more faith in Christ’s kingdom, but never the less)


Rumour: Because there are still two people in Lhanbryde who would seek Scottish independence, even yet, the M.O.D. have been ordered to hang a Union Jack from the flag pole across from my house in secret. Go for it lads. (I like the Union Jack. It includes the Scottish flag anyway. I’m all for this. I have no flag myself though)


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