Gay Bishop (C of E)

Gay Bishop (C of E): (Bishop Chamberlain)

When he was asked to vote on same sex marriage, did he say then he was gay? Hardly honest.

They are all gay, or it’s little girls they lust after.

Many years ago I discovered that Church Ministers, Priests, Preachers of all types, only took the jobs to abuse children, or use prostitutes, or both, and in certain circles they openly admit it. Now that abusing children is rapidly being cut off to them, they are forced to go down other routes to follow their lusts.

Resignation is common, because they see no point in staying in a job they never really wanted to do anyway, and don’t ever tell God or me, that they do any good work at all, when he and myself know otherwise.

Now PLEASE consider hanging poofs, for your own good, and a dog collar means nothing.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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