Never Will A muslim Attain Sainthood. Never

Never Will A muslim Attain Sainthood. Never:

Suddenly they decide to do it D.I.Y style with crude white robes. It would be laughable if it were not so serious. These are your Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Policemen / Women, Etc., and every one the self confessed enemy of Christ and you. Looking at pictures of the Hajj should put the fear of death in you, because death is what it is for you. Can you really expect to live to a minimum of one hundred healthy years with them all around you. You are not even safe in your beds with them around you. (Gassing You Etc.) Fear the devils kingdom. Those robes are BLASPHEMY of the worst type, and a step too far. I hope God is taking notes. (He’s just told me he is)

Photo From The Web (Search Hajj 2016)


Not one Saint amongst them. Ever.

I almost forgot to use my new word ‘Christianized’. Saints have to be Christianized first. I’ll be using that word a lot in future.


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