Sikhs Are Perfect

Sikhs Are Perfect:

According to Sihks they are perfect in Gods eyes. You cannot become a Sihk. You have to be born a Sihk. Sihks cannot inter marry because any resulting children have to be killed, and reincarnated, because they are not perfect and can’t go to heaven. Killing is easy really for perfect people. Especially under an S.N.P. government here, or any Westminster government, who have no idea what religions are doing in their midst. And of course they don’t give a damn. Providing the economy is okay.

Fifty five Sihks prevented an inter belief marriage, and ‘The Times’ newspaper reported that yesterday. However they have no idea why. They should know. The Conservatives, Labour, S.N.P. should know why.

Sikhs – BBC web Page, but you have to speak to Sikhs themselves to get the rest. After all they’re perfect?

Over twenty one thousand religions in our midst now, and most are even worse. However, the economy is what counts is it not? God will have to take action now, and his Son’s economic ability  is perfect.

Maybe you begin to understand the task my friend Yeshua Christ has given me, and the enormity of it without a powerful compulsory single establishment Church. How Lucifer laughs at you all at present. He’d not laugh at a single Church. It would bury him.


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