So Who Is Lying?

So Who Is Lying?:

Pseudo musicians, including evil old Satanist men, who stand on stage and pretend to sing with other people’s voices on the recordings, and buskers who use computers and smile a lot as you part with your cash?

Or Pseudo N.H.S. people who smile a lot and take the governments money, and your lives?

And: What is the difference? Another lie to take your money and tread you down.

For Example: That Boots the chemist is ripping you off with gift wrapped dross that can never do you any good, while keeping the cures to themselves. They have no intention of curing Christ’s kingdom.

These people don’t care that there is a God to answer to.

Just realised where I’ve heard that old guys voice before. (He’s not much older than I am) It was on other people’s songs. He must have done the vocals, and them the stage appearances. Probably those unadapted recordings Abbey Road Studios are using are from their archives, and are up to five decades old. One snippet sounded like a Frank Sinatra recording. ???? Hope for Gerry O’Brien yet.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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