U.S. Election Debate – Round 1.

U.S. Election Debate – Round 1.:

Donald Trump all. Hilary Clinton Nil.

A few of the points raised again: Donald Trump wants to reduce business taxes to generate employment and industry. Letting the employees earn, and proudly pay taxes. (Like Starbucks in Europe) He says he’s smart not paying taxes, but really it’s not the purpose of a business to pay taxes. Where is the money for reinvestment to come from? Read your Bible. It rightly promotes capitalism. Mostly using Vine Yards as the yard stick. Where our businesses have failed is successive governments not understanding this vital principle.

Stop and Frisk for weapons: Obviously it will reduce shootings. Stop and frisk ten people in public, and ten thousand will leave their weapons at home. Or bin them.

Protection treaties: All China has to do is encourage North Korea to threaten everyone and the entire American fleet is tied up in the Pacific. Costing $$$$ (How they must laugh all the way to the Yen banks)

Hilary has been to one hundred and twelve nations negotiating. Trump said, in other words, it will all have to be done again. So badly was it done before.

The middle east: First nuclear strike, but it will be ten men who have no kingdom ‘as yet’ who will do it. It might not be in the middle east? Not even nuclear?

Borders: Hilary has had years to attend to the above, including borders, and has done nothing. Not one item. Promoting the evil of multi cultures instead.

The fact is she has not a clue from what she said. Only points she scored were ones she had access to as government secretary and no one can really verify. Meaningless gibberish.

If elected she’ll change nothing, and more blacks will die needlessly, and more jobs will go. For round two she’ll have to come up with more than she has said.

Donald’s mistake: Letting muslims into his Florida golf club. Shame on you Donald.

Round 2. is when?


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