Council Parks

Council Parks:

Council owned parks in Britain, such as Cooper Park, Elgin, and Hyde Park, London, have been receiving European funding to keep them up to standard?

There seems to be sudden concern within the councils of the U.K. at the moment that they might find it difficult to carry on with their upkeep. It makes sense that they might be receiving the same Euro land grants for land owned as Farmers and other land owners. Brexit means brexit. It also means road potholes may be left as holes.

Also: Councils should (Must) fit and maintain proper Ultra Violet lights in shops and stores and libraries and public buildings and on main streets, Etc. To flush out whitened Blacks. As a matter of top priority security we should know who is liable to kill us, and steal our jobs for their own black children.  It is far more required for saving lives than compulsory fire alarms. (Need them as well of course) Millions of dead a year by their koran policy. Cost: Just a few pennies, and only they would object. Ignore their opinion.


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