Gdicm’s Stacked Tower Housing

Gdicm’s Stacked Tower Housing: (Nested)

I don’t know how you’d raise each floor on site, but with shutters for the windows and steel beams (Pinned and Bolted) from top to bottom, and anchored to the base, I would live in this. How much wiring, plumbing and fittings could be included? With a nice surround veranda added extra for me.

stacking-tower-housingI was just thinking it may be better with the wider sections on top for easier erection and the roof would be already on. Little or no sealing to do that way either. Only a foot extra around on each floor anyway. It would mean the floors for above would have to be on top of the lower level. No problem that.

Haiti 2016 (BBCi Screenshot)

Haiti Oct. 2016.jpg


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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