Bible John And Bill Clinton

Bible John And Bill Clinton:

For years now Bible John has been protected from being hung by people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Major, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Alex Salmon, Nicola Sturgeon, the FBI, CIA, Mi5, Mi6, and the police.

Is it little wonder the police in America are at war with poor black Christians, who are jailed for existing and being Christians, and their lives are stolen from them, while Bill Clinton is protected by the very agency’s that should be protecting them.

They illegally protect the muslims and the muslim  Bible John’s of this world for gain, while at the same time they openly persecute people like myself. Now Bible John will be hung, fact, and perhaps rightly Bill Clinton may well spend the remainder of his life in prison for several rapes.

I am sick of this hypocritical and evil world. They steal for gain.

One religion, and one single Church, or die at God’s will.

The presidential debate, round 2. (Just Finished) Back to worthless clichés that promise nothing by way of change. Talk the media like so much, because they can manipulate the words to their own financial benefit, and virtually select the winning candidate. As usual. Oh if only there was no need to win votes. How much better life would be then under Christ’s Biblical rule with absolute honesty.


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