Anyone Remember What A Country Song Should Sound Like?

Anyone Remember What A Country Song Should Sound Like?:

I must confess I have not heard one, except Jim Reeves, and he was not always country, so I’ve not heard any real country for years. I used to listen to music, but by the time you put a song together you’ve probably listened to it in bits around fifty times. If you hear your favourite recording performer/s say they rarely listen to the music of others. Believe them. It would do your nut in too much music.

I was watching ‘Country File’ on the BBC today, as I’ve done several times. Being a country man myself. I think I’ll write a proper country song, but for our countryside. There are some already, but another will not go amiss. Any ideas?

I could couple it with ‘Gardeners World’ like ‘Farmers And Growers?’

I was speaking to Jehovah’s witnesses in Inverness a few weeks ago and they were asking what I do on the internet? Despite the number of times I’ve told them already. So last time I told them I make porn, and I’m making a fortune. More chance of them making porn, or looking at it, than me. There again I’m a proper Christian.

And so my next video will contain fruit  trees being stripped, sheep and cattle breeding, cockerels crowing, hens laying eggs, riding horses, sheep being sheared of their woollen coats, Jehovah’s Witnesses being chased off by the farmer and his wife, Etc. Etc.

They really do give religion a bad name, but try giving me a bad name, and they’ll be dealt with by God.


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