The Debate – Round 3.

The Debate – Round 3:

I did watch it all live, but I have nothing to say. I’m not an American. There was nothing new, and Donald Trump is compromising his views for votes, which is why democracy will never work for God or me. E.g. a poof is a poof and not acceptable, but such illegal minority groups are being pampered by politicians to get their votes.

I’ll give you another example. I put a list of local paedophiles who abuse children on a daily basis on the internet. Are politicians or your media, including the BBC,  interested in justice for their victims? Not a chance in hell, because they are all prominent society leaders. Poofs and perverts.

Naga Munchety, Charlie Stayt, Kasia Madera, Babita Sharman, Marika Oi, Adnan Nawaz, Rico Hizon, Stephen Sacker. If they are not Christians, they are not British, and therefore not welcome here. I don’t care how long their families have lived here. They are disruptive. Deport them. The damage those people are doing is beyond repair? And now they want to choose the next American president. My guess is the BBC, and British news papers, will be banned soon, and rightly so, from America and Europe.

We need Prince Michael to stand up for the children. Children are the same the world over, if fed clothed, sheltered, protected and educated in Christianity to become as Jews. Daniel 12:- It’s certainly true the children need you right now Michael. It is multi culture societies that does the damage, and allows heathens an evil voice they should never have had. Guilty people should not be allowed to express an opinion. Guilty people like the list above for example.


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