Autism And Other Birth Defects

Autism And Other Birth Defects:

Let us suppose that men’s sperm is weakened by being left to become as blood. Again let us suppose that any child fathered  by such sperm is going to have a defect at birth. Would have to have actually. The accumulation of poison blood would have to damage the sperm.

The cure for them could lie in the truth in the former post about such semen which you can read here.

The cure for birth defects then, could be a combination of several drugs already known to work for certain conditions that have never actually been tried collectively as one on the real victims. (Assuming that is a cause of several birth defects) The defected children who might be bearing all, or combinations of, the multiple resulting conditions. Or a combination drug could be developed to cleanse the system if it is simply a passed contamination in the blood.

Do we really understand all the sexual laws of God written in the holy Bible, and the reasons they are written? Not even close.

Note: Mothers could be contributing, and because it accumulates slowly different defect results could be inevitable.


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