Hilary Clinton And ‘Big Bird’ Server/s

Hilary Clinton And ‘Big Bird’ Server/s:

Let me first say that it is unlikely that Hilary Clinton is involved with the destructive system I call ‘Big Bird’. However she is the secretary of state in the U.S., and has been in politics for three decades. Maybe she can’t retire.

It is this panic over e-mails and hiding them that concerns me though, because of the nature of the system it is impossible to pass it on to an administration such as Donald Trump’s, who would never approve. (Some republicans would) It kills, controls, maims, upholds and promotes gays and lesbians, supports the evils of multi cultures and all at the expense of Christianity. (All Hilary Clinton’s policies in fact)

As Secretary of state she would have the top echelons of power and control over it. Maybe unknown to others around her. That would require her to have the e-mail addresses and physical street addresses of every victim that it targets. I.e. Me. The operators (FBI – CIA – Mi6) must be at different levels. They must pass information back along the line of command from the streets everywhere, to, eventually, the top. Hilary?

The system has a massive flaw though, as I’ve pointed out many times, it cannot be switched off. To switch it off, even for a few minutes, would be to give it’s presence away. Cancer victims would suddenly be cured. I myself, for example, would cease to suffer the pain it inflicts on me, and for it’s gay operators this would be disaster on a grand scale. Their gadgets in my house would no longer serve their purpose, and your hospitals are full of them also.

If it were on servers outside the law, then it would now be a case of having to move the servers if Donald Trump were to win, or copy all the files and data, and that would be a very difficult task to complete without loss of it’s function even for a few minutes. Next to impossible I’d say. Also: As it’s satellite based in use, it would never be possible to get it up and running again at short notice without giving it away.

Wherever it is.


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