Remembrance Day Spoiled For Me

Remembrance day Spoiled For Me:

Last year I could not walk to the main road bus for the Elgin, Plainstones  service, but this year I made the trip again. (With difficulty, but I made it, and I’m home again)
However: The service was ruined for me by two married gay men who sought me out and stood behind me. One had an umbrella that he kept tapping me on the head with as the minister spoke. They know I’m religious.
Men and women died to give poofs the freedom to be gay, and annoy us?
Eventually I just turned round and said ‘If you do that again gaffer, I’ll stick that Brolley up your F*cking A*se.’

God will not tolerate them who make up their own rules as they do, there is no excuse for them, (How could he rule heaven. Or earth as in heaven, if he did) and he will deal with them soon enough, but in the meantime, keep the obnoxious trash under control.

1st Peter 2:15-17


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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