Scientists Balloon Moon

Scientists Balloon Moon:

Just seen it to the west. I’ve seen larger moons many times. Scientists never open their mouths but what they say is a lie. What was this lie about? Maybe they just can’t count distances in miles. They are never very bright. I suspect it has more to do with what you will learn from Isaiah 24:- if you listen to all of Isaiah on Bible Gateway, (See link in right hand column) which I haven’t done yet. Why do we take it in more plainly if we listen, as opposed to reading? We certainly do, as you will find out when you try it.

I on the other hand always tell the truth, and I was in Inverness yesterday and saw with my own eyes, Rudolph is on sale at £31 odds a Kilo. At that price it must be Rudolph? Or Prancer or Dancer or ??

Oh dear. This might cause a Christmas day delivery problem. ?? Yum Yum.


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