Cancer: Figs As Used By God, And Eat Them As Well

Cancer: Figs As Used By God, And Eat Them As Well:

Funnily, once I knew they are approved by God I really like them.

My sister never buys anything except Fig Roll biscuits. Where did she learn this? Do they prevent cancer? Is there cancer in Egypt, where they grow everywhere? (Egypt, Syria, and Israel his inheritance are to be God’s beloved nations. The highway he intends across the red sea should tell you this, but more definitive text is in the Bible, as said by God himself. It is Assyria, northern Iraq and a small part of Syria and Iraq he hates, and Kuwait)

Figs: As directed by God Isaiah 38:21, but read the whole chapter. Also eat them. Don’t over do it. They do build up in the blood, and you can feel the difference.

Cooking Vegetables in salted water? I.e. Cabbage? Add a few figs. One each. I have them cooking as I type, and the smell is lovely.

Ed asks: “Could fig leaves heal the nations Gordon?”

Gordon says: “Maybe. Women could wear only fig leaves Ed.”


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