Worming Out Of Brexit

Worming Out Of Brexit:

Parliamentary vote: What they have not mentioned yet is the fact that given the vote, parliament might, (Probably will) vote against Brexit. Why force the vote if it’s not their intention to reverse the decision?

I remind you I voted remain, but this BBC (Establishment) manipulation using men (Lord Dung’s) to speak using a predetermined script is not acceptable.

This is exactly the same sh*t I get from the National Health Service. They are never right, but just go away and change the rules of decency to suit their own muslim murdering doctrine, which is to kill Christians like you and me. If they were going to heal me, they’d simply give me the cure for the illness, which  they gave me in the first place.

Brexit? Forget it now? (I note a muslim brought the case)

Can we expect Scottish political party leaders to say BOOOO to Hindus over their vegetarian complaints about the very fine new Bank of England five Pound Notes? Not a hope. Two lesbians and a poof can’t utter boo to anyone indecent. “All things on earth are for the good of man”. MOOOOOO BOOOOO and steak mince to all of them.


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