Supreme Courts

Supreme Courts:

If supreme courts anywhere in the Christian world were to sit and judge the Koran chapter by chapter, argument by argument, it would be declared a blasphemous and illegal doctrine in law, and banned. I’d like to see that done everywhere. Read it.

E.g. Telling a blatant lie is permitted in the Koran providing they say out loud “I do this for Allah, it is for Allah I do this” first. Such a lie has been the death knell of millions of people in the health services alone, and it’s for Arabs they do it. Not God, who hates liars. I usually hear them murmur it many times a day. The Koran says Allah will forgive the lie if they do this.

Liars like their master, Lucifer, and the entire book is like that.

But: If the same courts went over the old and new testaments of the Jewish and Christian Holy scriptures at the same time, I will guarantee they could not find one fault concerning law in them.


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