Confusing Me Now

Confusing Me Now:

I received a letter from a health centre Shi’ite Muslim that said “I should go to a doctor, but not here.”

Even gave me a list of other Muslim doctors. in Moray.

Apparently I was offered treatment, but refused it. I’m still waiting for the antibiotics then. Preferably just notice that we can buy them from any chemist. Or even make them ourselves. Did you know that they are made from the plant hyssop. Not an illegal plant by any means. Like rosemary actually, but they won’t allow it in the U.K. in case we cure ourselves we can presume. Other nations can buy hyssop tea, or hyssop oils etc., but our borders are better guarded against legal hyssop coming here than any illegal drugs.

A civil war would be the only way to get them at present, which is why God is wiping out Islam in the middle east.

Also: Why leave the heathen’s heathen mosques Mr Putin and Co. ? P.S. You’re doing a fine job, but remember to stop sometime. Don’t get too fond of killing. God be with you.


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