Sir Ivan Rogers And Teresa May

Sir Ivan Rogers And Teresa May:

If I were Teresa May now I’d put together three groups of planners.
1. Brexit Sceptics. At least ten Maybe Twenty
2. Pro Brexit’s. At least ten Maybe Twenty
3. Pro International trading At least ten Maybe Twenty
Facts compilers. At least five, and secretaries.
They should meet as one and discuss everything. In order to solve the impossibles you must first hear what they are. Only then can you thrash out solutions.
They should call in to give their opinions people such as the National Farmers Union, Scotland, and it’s equivalent in Ireland, Wales, England,
Fishermen’s leaders.
The CBI, and business parties.
Small business interests. Large business interests. Manufacturing.
Businesses and people who are Pro European workers.
People against.
Ministers for the above in all the nations. I.e. Farming and fishing. (The SNP, Labour, Sinn Fein, regardless of their party politic views)
You need their input. You need someone like Ivan Rogers. Even if he’s against, because every avenue must be listened to. Including the stance Europeans might take.
The PLAN. It should begin to come together soon enough.
Remember. It will soon be the end of March, and you’ve obviously no ideas of your own. Any of you.
Gill Forbes, Now Mrs Smith, always said that I’d make a good diplomat. In my life I’ve had to be one, every day.
I fear though, that the final plan will come from Europe itself. However you can limit the damage with true knowledge of the facts.
Time scale. I could do it, because it’s only a starting point.

Don’t forget the Unions.


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