City Smog

City Smog:

I’ve suggested that instead of wearing face masks, why not put the masks (Filters) on the ends of the vehicles exhausts.

The Facebook story so far: (China News)

WW II gas masks had simple screw on filters filled with small pieces of charcoal. Forming a porous filter through which it was easily breathable. The filter was only around 3 inches diameter by two inches thick. Very effective. I had one for decades. Don’t know why I had it.

An exhaust is hot. Very hot. Even at it’s end.

I suggested wire wool, but would it filter? Is it cheap enough? Now come on folks. Someone amongst you must know of a cheap alternative to charcoal lumps which will stand the heat and be an effective filter, and none poisonous.  (Note: A dust would be too close to allow breathing, but small lumps filter well according to the mask makers in WW II)

Wire (Steel) wool comes in different grades. The filters must be cheap and easily replaced. Seconds. Or removed and washed out? Packs of ten. Lasting a month or so each.

Logically speaking. If you can filter it with a face mask, it is rather obvious you can filter it at source.

Note: This is not about vehicle emissions, which are a very different gas.

Or perfect these?

See also Globe Drifting’s post here


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