What Do Intelligence Services Do?

What Do Intelligence Services Do?

Here at Mi5.5 we

Ed asks: “We, Gordon?”

Gordon says: “You and me Ed.”

Ed Says: “Not so sure. Did I sign the official secrets forms?”

Gordon says: “No. ‘Soon there are no heroes. Only children to be proud of. No secrets to take to the grave’, and don’t interrupt.”

Here at Mi5.5 we know everything. We suggest that a single Church is all the intelligence you will ever need.

Examples being: Why do they need secret services to protect poofs, pedo’s, murderers, corrupt officials, journalists, extortionists, prostitutes, effeminates Etc., and that is all they do really. And why do they need secret services to bring down decent people who are only doing God’s work in trying to rid the world of such people. (I’m not referring to anyone in particular here)

Ed says: “Except perhaps yourself Gordon?”

Gordon says: “Tell them Ed. Tell them.”

Ed says: “Perhaps they work for Satan?”

Gordon advises: “Certainly not for God anyway. He does know everything, just ask him for information.”

They completely ignore God, and have decided that they must keep all his enemies safe from people like me, who do work for God, and I do ask him things. I’ll give you a better example though. They wonder what drives ISS or any Islamist extremists, and charge around looking for clues, as to what is behind any terrorist attack.

It’s the Koran, and only the Quran. All they have to do is read it, and discover that it was written for the purpose of promoting only the Arabs, and terrorism. It even says so. As it says to kill everyone who is not a Muslim. Don’t look for another reason.

It is only the Koran. Here at Mi5.5 we seek the truth, and find it from God, Yeshua, Saint Peter and Co.

Note: They (Officials) ask me things, and I answer them with the truth. They never believe me. They don’t want to find the truth.


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