I Want To Stuff You All In A Christian Kirk

I Want To Stuff You All In A Christian Kirk:

I watched a bit of ‘Songs Of Praise’ with Sally Magnusson today. Bit about Donald Trump’s family roots, but we’ll hear plenty of him in future. What intrigued me was the numbers of foreigners who join in with family worship here in the U.K. (Just to gain legal papers?)

I met some eastern families in Elgin a few years ago, and they were telling me they wanted to go to Church. They came from countries which are over eighty percent Catholic. (Or they were before the influx of Muslims there) I said just go.

Now even Muslims are joining our Churches, and worshipping Christ, according to that programme. Now my question is, did those families in Elgin find enough of you locals attending, to encourage them to continue? Or did they meet a solid Catholic wall of Paedophiles hogging the Church and all it’s activities. Were they put off by what they found? I don’t know, because it was not my business to follow them up on the subject. I should have?

It would be sad to see them become like you, as opposed to you becoming like them, and joining them in Christian family worship. Don’t complain about Mosques if you can’t attend your own Churches.

So I’m going to stuff you all into your local Kirks, and if they’re not big enough you can share one.

Note: Donald Trump’s mannerisms are pure Scottish. It’s little wonder the English hate him. (They hate our open and up front expressions) Not to mention the Englified Scots. Real Scots should understand his open expressions. It’s the English at the BBC though, who are a breed apart. Weirdo’s. Manipulators.


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