My Next Song Explained

My Next Song Explained:

It’s about a vision of Ezekiel in the Bible concerning the house of the Lord on the hill in Israel.

In Chapter 47 Ezekiel having been shown around the inner house and the workings in it. The holy men. The various order’s of the daily life, and the four pots boiling the four different sacrifice meats. Huge pots, the water of which has to be drained away. Full of the goodness of the boiled meats.  He is then taken outside to see the makings of a river. A river that flows to the sea, and is obviously tidal, as the marshes are salty. It nourishes the plant life along it’s course, including the tree of life, of which the leaves are for the healing of the nations, and brings fish even from the sea itself. It heals the sea the Bible says, and all life in it flourishes. Is this why Giant Turtles live so long. They can eat Crab apples, poisonous to us are they are, that grow in saline tidal marshes.

I approve of this. This is why we are all ill. We don’t feed the ecology in our mucky rivers and

‘Feed The Fish’  


Ed asks: “What is the song called Gordon?”

Gordon says: “Guess Ed. Just have a guess. The Vocals are not done yet though. Everything is ready, but I’m struggling.”

Ed asks “Still thinking of giving up your house?”

Gordon says “Yes Ed. Looks like I must. After thirty years.”

Note: Elgin Cathedral will do the sacrifices and feed the river Lossie. It is right.


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