Kleptomaniacs – Hypochondriacs

Kleptomaniacs – Hypochondriacs:

Di and I were sitting outside Starbucks in Elgin today (Yesterday Now Of Course) when about one hundred police men and women descended on the street to pick a man up.

A thief perhaps we thought? We had no idea.

But I said to Di. “It’s strange isn’t it, that we are all born, and we all go to school in Britain at about five years of age, we sit in a class group with other people much the same as us, for years, but some go on to be police, whilst others go on to be thieves, or have some other serious disorder. Why?”

Upbringing we thought.

Never happen with a Single Church. Impossible in fact. Not only will there not be thieves when it’s done, even if it’s only after Yeshua Christ returns, but there won’t be a need for paid police either. The Church teaching, and community interaction, will do it all.

Ed’s asking: “You got double vision Gordon?”

Gordon says: “No Ed. Two hundred police maybe, and with around one hundred police cars. Probably had difficulty remembering which police car they put him in, and are still looking for him?”


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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