The Koran Is By Arabs For Arabs. Not Godly.

The Koran Is By Arabs For Arabs. Not Godly:

The Koran was written by Arabs for Arabs, and has nothing to do with religion. The rules of law in it that make sense are from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and give it a plausible, but false, cause.

The book is pure fiction and has nothing to do with God, and certainly nothing to do with my friend Yeshua Christ. Who is God’s son. It is in fact a despicable attempt to kill off all of God’s work and kingdom, and make it their own.

I implore you all to read the vile and evil book, and then call for it, and all it’s followers who have benefitted so much from it’s hate filled content, to be banned.

Just consider this. To allow the people the freedom to worship as they please, is to create crime, because God’s word is the law. It puts your youth in prisons as they fall into the ditch, because the blind cannot lead the blind. I notice only Muslims in our midst (I.e. Politicians, Free Masons, TV Presenters, and corrupt people) say ‘Freedom to worship as you please’ whilst they torment you at the same time.

It is very upsetting to hear people on TV, who appear to be white, but are rather obviously black Muslims say these things to deliberately hurt your children’s future. They are close to the majority in the U.K. now, and could bring about your destruction if you do not ban the devil’s Koran.


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