The BBC Must Go

The BBC Must Go: (They suffer from a form of generation mental illness. Not right in the head as a group)

I listened to what President Trump and Teresa May said yesterday the same as they did. What they reported was said, was the exact opposite of what was actually said, throughout. NATO for example. The president wants to force other nations to pay a fairer (More) proportion of the costs. That is what he has said throughout.

This type of manipulation WILL get the British destroyed. You cannot allow this to happen. It MUST stop. This is the same thing young men and women get in our courts of law when they appear for judgement. Total untruths that are collectively delivered by the police and justice departments, solicitors / lawyers Etc., for their own gain.

God has had enough of their money making lies, which is all it is. It is in the Bible you know.

Note: I remember when New Orleans was flooded. Not one single word of support was muttered by the BBC or our charities. George W. Bush was not amused by their attitude at the time. Our charities only support people Saint Peter is not allowed to feed. Heathen people like them, and places where they originate from themselves. That is where the money is sent.


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