Gdicm Song ‘Marriage In Heaven’

‘Marriage In Heaven’:

Marriage In Heaven


There’s no marriage in heaven.

There’s no help meet required.

All alone in a crowd,

Of people admired.

Together for ever,

And managing free.

Bound to success,

For eternity.


And now, just between ourselves,

That’s the richest

Any one can be.


There’s no marriage for monks.

What is it they see?

All in a trance,

With people like me.

Together for ever,

And seeking the end.

Hope in the Lord

For eternity.


There’s no marriage for Nuns.

Til Christ comes again.

Alone with their thoughts,

Of what it might gain.

Together for ever,

And continuing free.

Along with our saviour,


Copyright © 2017 Gdicm


About gdicm

At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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