Before Grampian TV Became STV

Before Grampian TV Became STV:

I met STV’s reporter Rachel Stewart and a cameraman on the High Street, in Elgin on Friday afternoon.

Reminds me about an occasion when Grampian TV had an office by the river in Inverness years ago. (Huntly Street?) I was speaking on the phone with Bible John the day before, and mentioned I was going to Inverness next day, and might pop in past Grampian TV office.

I walked in, and who was sitting in a side office telling a cameraman about how bad a person I am? You got it Bible John. I never saw him, only heard him, and was told by a secretary it was him, and I’d better leave. I’m so used to him I just left. I never thought to ask the cameraman on Friday if it was him who got bad beans on me spilled by Bible John, Bible John style, and whether he believed him?  The police should ask though.

He really got his life into an unrecoverable mess. No heaven for him or his muslim friends.


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