No Medical Treatment Will Ever Be Given To Me

No Medical Treatment Will Ever Be Given To Me:

Why are all the audiences of a North Korean speech, and even people on the street, acting in perfect unison in applause? Hands in perfect time with everyone else.

They are all terrified of something, or someone, who is hidden, but pulling the strings. No one looks more terrified than Kim Jong-un their leader. One miss clap, one hand out of synch., and they could be singled out for a dose of  VX Nerve agent. They are petrified scared.

There is a strong case for rounding them all up from every nation, and sending them home. South Koreans as well. (Add muslims and others to that list)

 Anyway: Our NHS personnel are just as terrified of something. There is no way those snivelling cowards will break ranks and give me the prescriptions I need. A policeman says he offered to get me treatment. So where are the prescriptions. He could not deliver. Minimum three anti-biotics for at least two years. I will never see them. I have just days left to live.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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